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Stamford CT Limo Scavenger Hunting Ideas. If you want to make a normal party like birth day party, then you can organize a scavenger hunt as you opt for hummer limo Stamford. This is one way to celebrate a party with style. It does not matter whether you will celebrate with a large group or just your family member, because Stamford hummer limo can help you plan an exciting party. You can organize a party in different ways that will suit your taste and preference. Any party will become an exciting one if you will consider Stamford CT hummer limo as a venue.

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You can do an activity called photo evidence. In this activity, participants need to go out of Stamford Connecticut hummer limo and search for all items within your list and they need to take photos of these items. They will take photos of each item instead of collecting them. You need to give each team or person a camera. You can also encourage each player to bring their own digital camera for the game. It is cheaper if you will ask your guests to bring their own camera, but if it is within your budget, then you can buy a disposable camera for the event. H2 hummer limo Connecticut can take you to different places.

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It is more fun if you will do the game in different locations using hummer limousines Stamford CT. It is more fun if you will list specific landmark that they need to take picture of. You may also add situations like a “girl walking her dog at the park”. You can go to a park or any place where you want riding hummer limos Stamford. Of course, you need to set a time limit and the person who has the most number of pictures on the list will win the game.

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You can go to different bars and restaurants in 06901 Stamford, where you can play this game. You can also stop at one of the best restaurants to eat for lunch. You can also make it as your prize. The winner of the game will have a free lunch or dinner at their favorite restaurant. You can choose from Amore, 122 Pizza Bistro, Bar Rosso, Barcelona Restaurant & Winebar and a lot more. All participants will surely love your prize so everybody will be very enthusiastic in playing this game. You may also choose to go in different cities in Connecticut such as 06230 Abington and 06278 Ashford. You can also treat the winner for a drink inside a bar like Casey’s Tavern and Dragonfly Lounge.

Another great game that you can do while you party inside hummer limousines Stamford Connecticut is scavenger interview. In this game, you will act as a journalist and you will interview strangers. You can give instructions to what type of people they need to interview and what questions they need to ask. You can choose black hummer limo Stamford that can accommodate number of participants that you want. You can find lots of cheap hummer limousines online, but you need to know which one can offer the best deal. You will find varying packages with different hummer limousines price Stamford CT. You will surely find company that can offer suitable Stamford CT hummer limo rates that will match your budget.