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Get next level transportation with Hummer Limo Ride. You can count on us to be your go-to for all your Plymouth limousine service and bus rental needs. We do it all, from party buses and charter buses in Plymouth to corporate travel and school field trips across the state. Custom itineraries are designed to make your ride as fun and comfortable as possible, so you can focus on enjoying the moment. At Hummer Limo Ride, we believe that you should be able to get instant quotes on any of these services — instead of waiting around for bus companies to reply days later just search our website you'll have your price in seconds.

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Minnesota is a place where there are abundant numbers of lakes to see riding hummer limo Plymouth. These bodies of water can cater wide range of water activities such as boating, fishing, boating, swimming and paddle boarding. This place is definitely an ideal vacation spot that has something to offer for everyone. In whole Minnesota, there are approximately 900 resorts for all travelers and tourists. To discover the charm of this place, then you should opt for Plymouth hummer limo. As you plan for your vacation, you need to make sure that Plymouth MN hummer limo service is on top of your list next to your accommodation. In the past, vacationers and travelers does not give enough important to it, but in today’s modern world Plymouth Minnesota hummer limo service is getting in demand.

Stay inside an H2 hummer limo Plymouth to experience comfort and relaxation because of its cozy leather seat. Hummer limousines Plymouth MN can transport you from the airport to your hotel and from your hotel to your first vacation destination. Party bus rental in Plymouth, MN. Once inside hummer limos Plymouth, you will feel that there is no reason to rush because you will be entertained and amazed by everything that you will see inside. This is perfect for family vacation because it can accommodate everyone inside without uneasy feeling. Children needs more space and hummer limousines Plymouth Minnesota can offer spacious environment inside. Vacation in Minnesota is best if you think that you are running low on time and resources because it is a very affordable place to take vacation..

Hummer Limousine Plymouth

If you are on a tight budget, then you can tell the driver to take you to affordable and best restaurant around 55441 Plymouth. They are well-versed about the surrounding so they can take you where you can find affordable and delicious meals. Best restaurants that can offer amazing food and price are India Palace Restaurant, Uchu Peruvian Cuisine, Sushi of Tokyo and many more.

Plymouth, MN Hummer Rentals

Aside from focusing on one place in Minnesota, you may also travel around and discover other places like 56118 Bingham Lake and 55343 Eden Prairie. Going outside the town will not add up to your bill because you will be charged per hour basis. It is better to tell your driver ahead of time in case there are some changes on your itinerary.

During August or early September, you can rent black hummer limo Plymouth MN so you can experience Minnesota State Fair. This is a 12 day event filled with lots of excitement and fun and it is a must see event. You can extend your time of vacation if you want, because of cheap hummer limousines. Extending will not harm your finances because you can get discount from hummer limousines price Plymouth MN, if you wish to extend the service. Kids will appreciate if you will take them to Children’s Museum. You can do it without hesitation because of affordable Plymouth MN hummer limo rates. You will realize that you still have plenty of money to spend because of the savings that you get from this service. You can also visit Valleyfair Amusement Park, Glamslam USA and Pump it Up which is known as the inflatable party zone.

Limo Prices Plymouth, Minnesota

Hummer limo rentals in Plymouth, Minnesota can cost anywhere from $185 to $375+ per hour. If you’d like to get a personalized quote based on your exact needs, just call 1-866-536-4130 and our reservations team can get you pricing in under a minute! We’re happy to walk you through the entire process from figuring out the details of your trip, finding you the perfect vehicle (we also have Escalade, Cadillac, Excursion, Chrysler 300, MKT limos available), and getting you set up with the perfect ride. For more information about the rates, we also have 6-12 passenger sedan limos ranging from $140 to $270+ per hour and then 12-20 passenger SUV stretch limos from $200 to $400+ per hour. Since there are all sorts of different makes and models of limousines, the price can vary significantly based on which one you choose. So the best way to get the most accurate prices is to call use 24/7 at 1-866-536-4130

Hummer Limo Service Plymouth, MN Made Easy

If you're looking to rent a Hummer limo in Plymouth, MN, there's no one better than us. We have the largest fleet of Hummers and other vehicles available for rental. Party bus rental in Plymouth, MN. The Hummer limo is the perfect choice for any occasion from a fun night out with friends, to an elegant wedding reception or even just an evening on the town. We offer affordable prices that are sure to fit your budget. We also have a large selection of other types of vehicles available, including limousines, buses and even party buses. We have Hummers available for any occasion. Our stretch limo rentals are perfect for weddings or other special events, while our party bus can accommodate up to 40 people. We also offer luxury sedans and minivans if you're looking for something more on the affordable side of things..

Limo Hummer Pricing Explained

You may be wondering how we come up with our Hummer limo rental prices. We've done a lot of research, and we're happy to share some of that information with you! Our pricing is based on the size, luxury and amenities offered in each vehicle. The larger the limo or bus, the higher the price will be. You can also expect higher prices if your event requires extra services like special decorations or catering packages. For example, if you need us to set up tables for a wedding reception in one of our buses or Hummers then this will cost extra money than if all guests were sitting at round tables already provided by their venue's caterer/event planner.* A few other things that affect how much you pay include whether it's day or night (more expensive during evenings), any holidays being celebrated on your date (check here) and any special requests made by yourself or others involved in planning your event including DJs/entertainers who may need equipment setup space inside their vehicle(s). If there are additional fees associated with these requests then they'll show up on our quote when presented later down below after filling out some basic information about yourself such as name/email address so just keep those things in mind when thinking about what kind of extras might work best for whatever type service(s) needed from us.

Enjoy Plymouth, MN With A Party Bus Rental

Our Plymouth, MN party buses come in various sizes and styles to accommodate groups from 10 to 50 people. Party bus rentals are perfect for sporting events, concerts and festivals, bachelor parties and bachelorette parties or even day trips around town! If you have a special event coming up like an anniversary celebration or birthday party then why not rent one of our Plymouth, MN limousines for the occasion? We are happy to provide assistance with planning any form of transportation that works best for your group.

How Much Does A Party Bus In Plymouth, MN Cost?

The cost of a party bus in Plymouth, MN depends on several factors: the size of your party, the location of your party and the length of time you need the bus. Number of passengers: If you have a large group and want to transport them all at once, then you'll pay more than if there were fewer people. Location/distance traveled: The farther away from your pick-up location that you take them, the more it will cost. Time: If you're planning on taking a bus for the entire day, then you'll pay more than if you only need it for a few hours. To get an idea of how much your party bus rental in Plymouth, MN will cost, contact us today! Time: If you only need a party bus for a few hours, then the cost will be less than if you need it for an entire day.

Types Of Buses Available From Our Bus Company

When you need to rent a bus, you have lots of options. For example, if you're looking at chartering a bus for your wedding or another special event, then there are many sizes available: Mini coaches are the smallest option and offer up to 50 seats. They're perfect for groups that want some extra room on the dance floor but don't require as much space as a full-size coach would provide. Mini buses fall in between these two options; they can fit up to 60 people comfortably! Mini vans offer an even larger seating capacity than mini buses do. These vehicles generally have between 16-64 seats (depending on the model), so they're great for large weddings or other events that require more than just one vehicle—they can hold everyone at once without the need for multiple individuals or groups to split off into separate cars or vans. Most companies only offer one type of bus service, but we like to think outside the box here at our Plymouth charter bus company! After all, each event is different and requires a unique setup according to its needs—at Hummer Limo Rentals & Private Bus Transportation Services In Plymouth MN we're happy to help with whatever type of transportation solution best fits your situation!

Easy Charter Bus & Minibuses In Plymouth, MN

Charter a bus for a special event-Do you have an upcoming anniversary, birthday or graduation? Are you looking to charter an easy and affordable transportation service in Plymouth, MN? Well, we have the perfect solution for all of your transportation needs! At Easy Charter Bus & Minibuses we offer our customers top-notch buses that can accommodate up to 49 passengers so that they can enjoy a luxurious experience while traveling. We are proud to say that we have been providing our customers with reliable bus rentals in Plymouth. Chartering Bus Rentals In The Twin Cities Area-Whether you need transportation to an airport or just around town, we provide private charters from 1 day up to 30 days at competitive rates! We also offer on-demand shuttle service from Apple Valley Airport (KMVP) and Minneapolis/St Paul International Airport (KMSP). If you would like more information about our services please fill out the form below today!

Charter Bus Rental Rates Plymouth, MN

You can book your bus charter online or over the phone. Call today to reserve your private vehicle and get a free quote! A representative will be happy to assist you with any questions you may have about our services or rates. When their clients need transportation for groups of people who are traveling together, they can turn to Hummer Limo Rentals & Private Bus Transportation Services in Plymouth, MN. Most times, these groups are just looking for one large vehicle that will fit all of them comfortably. However, there are times when multiple buses are needed during events such as weddings and conferences because many guests need rides from distant locations like hotels.

Wedding Day Coach Buses & Van Rentals

Our wedding day coach buses are the perfect choice for your special day. Bus transportation is an elegant and convenient way to get you and your guests to the venue, as well as home after the reception. Wedding Day Coach Buses are perfect for brides or grooms who want to travel in style, and they’re also a great choice for bridal parties and other wedding guests who want to travel together. If you need more space than a limo or town car can offer, our motorcoach services are the perfect solution. These vehicles seat up to 50 passengers comfortably, so they’re ideal if you have a large group of people traveling together. are available in a variety of sizes, styles and colors. We offer both vintage and modern wedding day coach buses, so you can choose the vehicle that best suits your needs. Whether you’re looking for a classic white bus with bench seats or an upscale limousine-style motorcoach, we have what you need, If Getting married? Let us help you plan your trip! Our wedding day coach buses are a great way to get your guests there on time and in style and Wedding Package: You can choose from one of our bus fleet options below, or we can customize a package just for you!

Stress Free Field Trips With School Bus Rentals

Whether you're planning a field trip for your class, or just need a safe and comfortable way to travel with your kids, school bus rentals are the perfect solution. School buses are affordable, come in all shapes and sizes, and can even be customized to fit your needs. Hummer Limo Rentals offers reliable school bus transportation services in Plymouth, MN that will ensure that your students have a safe and fun time on their next outing! With our service: No one has to drive! Our staff will take care of getting everyone where they need to go safely and comfortably while also making sure they arrive on time. You don't have to worry about traffic jams or parking lots filled with other cars at big events like museums or amusement parks where everything is located so that no one gets lost along the way! You won't find cheaper rates anywhere else! With Hummer Limo Rentals' low rates for private charter buses & school buses rentals in Plymouth (MN), why would you want anyone else?

Rent A Limousine Bus For Minnesota Sports Games

If you're going to be in the area, it's a good idea to reserve your limo as soon as you have your tickets. This way, if there are extra seats on the bus, you can open them up for friends and family members who want to travel with you. As a general rule of thumb for renting party buses in Plymouth, MN: Don't hesitate to ask questions about any aspect of the company or vehicle before signing up. The more information they can provide upfront, the better chance they'll have at earning your business (and keeping it). Get references from people who've used their services before so that they know what type of service they're getting into. If possible ask them how much they paid and whether or not they were satisfied with their experience?

Not Sure If A Bus Or Limousine Is Right For You?

The size of your group.-The first thing to consider is the size of your group. If it’s just the two of you, a Hummer limousine will be perfect! If you are traveling with a large party or family and need more space, then a private bus may be better suited for your trip. Distance travelled-The next thing to think about is how far away from home you are going on this trip and how long you have to get there. A Hummer limo would be great for those who live just outside Plymouth and want to enjoy an evening out in Minneapolis at one of our many restaurants or bars; however, if you live in New York City and want to visit Minnesota for business purposes during the weekdays, then perhaps taking public transportation would make more sense since there aren't many flights available at that early hour Monday through Friday anyway (trust us). Amount of time available during travel time/budget considerations: Private buses allow passengers greater flexibility regarding their schedules while traveling over long distances such as interstate highways where there are fewer stops along the way compared with short distance trips like local airport shuttles where they may need only 5 minutes before reaching their destination.

Charter A Bus

From scheduling different pickup times and locations, to paying for multiple cab fares or finding affordable transportation for everyone, getting everyone where they need to go can quickly become overwhelming. However, with our bus chartering services in Plymouth, MN we can help make your next trip much easier! No more worrying about finding parking spots at the airport or making sure that everyone has enough change for public transportation because all of those problems will be solved when renting one of our buses! Chartering a charter bus is also great because it allows groups traveling together to get from point A (home) to point B (destination) without having to worry about coordinating schedules between so many people who have different obligations throughout their day!

Popular Bus Charter Trips Out Of Plymouth, MN

Plymouth, MN is a great place for your next bus charter trip. You can choose from many popular destinations that are sure to please everyone in your group. Popular destinations in Plymouth, MN include: The Mall of America – The Mall of America is a great place to go for your next bus trip because it has so many different things to do. You can go shopping, visit Nickelodeon Universe®, or play at the amusement park. There are also plenty of restaurants and movie theaters located inside this mall, so it’s easy to spend the whole day there without getting bored! The Mall of America is the largest shopping mall in the United States. It has over 520 stores and restaurants, an aquarium, an amusement park, a hotel and conference center, and much more! This is a popular destination for groups of all ages looking for some retail therapy. Valleyfair Amusement Park If you’re looking for an amusement park that’s close to home, then look no further than Valleyfair Amusement Park in Shakopee. The park has been voted the #1 theme park in the world by TripAdvisor, and it’s easy to see why! There are over 30 rides and attractions available, as well as live shows that take place every night. Valleyfair is also home to a waterpark called Blue Ribbon Beach Waterparks. This waterpark features many slides, lazy rivers and wave pools including a giant tube slide called The Wiggly Worm. It’s a great way to cool off on the hottest days of summer!

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Frequently Asked Questions About Minibuses & Sprinter Van Rentals

Have another question? Contact our reservation specialists at 866-536-4130.

What is a sprinter van?
The Sprinter van is a minibus/small passenger vehicle that can seat 8-16 passengers with different options depending on its seating arrangement and other features. The most well- known model of this vehicle type is the Mercedes-Benz Sprinter, but there are other models such as the Ford Transit.
Who generally rents a Mercedes sprinter limo?
Companies, students, church groups, brides, and sports fans are just a few of the people who rent limousine style sprinter vans for short-distance trips. The spacious interior makes it perfect for any occasion.
Why should I rent a minibus in Plymouth?
Minibuses are designed to be spacious and comfortable, making them ideal for travel in large groups or long distances. They also provide reliable transportation without the hassle of renting multiple cars for shuttle services.
How much does a minibus rental in Plymouth cost?
The cost of a minibus rental depends on several factors, including the type of minibus you want to rent and how long you'll use it. Short-term rentals typically range from $140 to $225 per hour while longer trips have higher pricing due to fuel charges and mileage.

Frequently Asked Questions About Charter Bus Rentals

What is a charter bus?
A charter bus is a large vehicle that is used to transport large groups of people from one place to another. These buses are often rented by organizations or companies for events such as weddings, conventions and conferences and hold between 50-56 passengers.
Who generally rents Plymouth charter buses?
Groups that rent charter buses include everything from school and church groups to corporate teams and families. The most common type of group bus rental is for a sports team or club, though there are also many other types of groups that use charter buses for their transportation needs.
Why should I rent a motorcoach?
Motorcoach rentals are a great way to travel in style and comfort when you're on a budget. These vehicles have all the amenities of a luxury limousine, including spacious seating and bathrooms, but at a fraction of the cost.
How much does a charter bus rental in Plymouth cost?
Charter buses are typically between $145 and $310 per hour, depending on several factors: the size of the bus, whether you rent it for an hourly rate or for a full day, how many people will be riding in it, and whether or not you need to add any additional equipment to make it safe and comfortable for your passengers.

Frequently Asked Questions About Limos & Party Buses

What is a party bus?
Party buses are vehicles rented for the purpose of transporting a large group of people to a party or other event. They usually contain amenities like stereo systems, televisions and DVD players, tables, chairs, and bars. Party buses are often seen at weddings, birthdays and bachelor/bachelorette parties.
Who generally rents Plymouth limousines and party buses?
Limousines and party buses are popular vehicles for groups celebrating a special occasion. These vehicles can be rented for proms, weddings, birthdays, bachelor parties, bachelorette parties, quinceañeras or any other event where you want to make a lasting impression on your guests.
Why should I rent a party bus?
Renting a party bus is an excellent way to celebrate a special occasion. Our party bus rentals come in a variety of sizes (from 20-50 passenger buses) and configurations to accommodate your group's size, budget, and vision. The vehicle can be equipped with table space, comfortable seats, and other amenities that will help you make the most of your event. Our staff is ready to assist you in planning your day and ensuring it runs smoothly.
What is the largest size party bus?
The size of party buses range from 18 to 55 passengers. The smaller buses are limousines, which carry 10 to 26 people. Mid-size buses accommodate 12 to 28 passengers, while large buses can hold 35 to 50 people.
How much does a limo rental in Plymouth cost?
Standard hourly rates for limousine rentals can vary from $130-$265 per hour. The cost of a limo rental depends on several factors, including the number of people traveling and their ages, the time of day and location, the distance to be traveled, and whether any extra services are needed.
How much does a party bus rental in Plymouth cost?
For as little as $165 per hour, you can rent a bus. The cost depends on how long you need to rent the bus for and what amenities you want it to have.

Frequently Asked Questions About Accessibility

Can I rent a bus charter without a driver?
No. All of the buses come with drivers
Do you have any ADA/wheelchair accessible vehicles?
Yes, we do have American Disabilities Act (ADA) vehicles available. Our ADA-accessible vehicles are shuttle buses and coach buses with seating for 15 to 57 passengers. The exact availability will depend on the location of your trip.

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